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Funstat 500

Happy five–hundredth–post day. Admittedly, 500 isn’t so great a number —particularly for the length of time I’ve been blogging— but during the last two years I’ve pumped out some 113090 words (one hundred and thirteen thousand and ninety words!), not including this post. Some entries have been very long, some have been very short; some months have been busy, others have been lazy; but I’ll tell you what has been common to all of them: me… rocking.

In celebration of this momentous occasion, I’ve prepared an infographic charting daily word counts over time.

Though posts in recent months have been more sparse, they have been noticeably longer than those  earlier in the game. The five–month break between weblog v1.0 and weblog v2.0 was even more noticeable, though.

And with that out of the way, the time has come for your reading this two–bit rag to finally pay off: I’m giving away Gmail invitations. See, while all the cool kids were giving theirs away weeks ago, I put some aside —squirreling them away, as it were— for precisely this moment. I have three to give away, so if you don’t yet have a Gmail account and you’d really like one, drop me a line at with a photo of yourself and the one thing you just can’t live without.

Abstract concepts like Love are welcome, as long as you have the giant pink cardboard heart to show it. Winners are drawn 24 hours from… now.


Who’d’ve thunk so many of my readers were geeks with a disturbing affinity for their computers? In retrospect, I probably would’ve sent exactly the same thing. Congratulations to our winners.