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Welcome to Chloe

Chloe is a name I’d long figured I’d give to a daughter, if I were the breeding type, but ‘Chloe Clark’ always seemed too ridiculous a combination. The staccato of repetitious ‘C’s in ‘Chris Clark’ has always bugged me to some extent, ‘C–L’s could only be worse. Considering I’m also fond of the name Clarice, you have to worry about the psychological well–being of my future progeny.

Incidentally, I’ve just named my 12–inch PowerBook Chloe.

Picking her up two days ago, it turns out my first notebook computer is also my first girl computer —a shock to us all, no doubt— and thus she was dubbed Chloe. It’s been a positive experience thus far, and I’m still amazed to see such a full–featured computer in such a tiny package. The loss of screen real estate migrating from a 17" CRT to a 12" LCD wasn’t as painful as first feared, she’s noticeably zippier than the desktop she’s superseding, and the keyboard is deceptively comfortable (though having an extra key where there was none before [ie– the function key] will take some getting used to).

Small, sexy, and well–named, I’d probably date her if she weren’t inanimate.