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Though the idea and the implementation (see also: thief systems) of said idea is solid, I’m a little uncomfortable with ‘elastic’ web design… if only because I feel it is a misnomer. ‘Zoomable’ design, sure. It does with CSS what Opera does right in the browser: it resizes the layout with the text… zooming in and out, but the word ‘elastic’ conveys a property that, well, isn’t that. If I were to use the term ‘elastic’ to describe a web design methodology, I’d sooner use it for this: gratuitous use of the min-width and max-width properties.

Using those two properties to define the width of your layout, it takes a form somewhere between a completely ‘fluid’ layout and a ‘static’ (or, shall we say, immutable) one. It would truly be ‘elastic’; stretching when the browser window stretches (before reaching its elastic limit, of course) and shrinking back to its original size when given the opportunity (but no smaller). Like a rubber band.

Pedantry, there’s nothing like it.