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tha Pizzenny–kizzade

Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins (aka Tycho Brahe and Jonathan Gabriel) have always had a rather amusing enmity for all things Apple, and it’s perfectly respectable given their line of work. They make a living out of gaming, and as a gaming platform the Mac OS has always… shall we say… licked balls. Developers (with the possible exception of Blizzard) have never been too rushed to bring their games to the Mac, and consequently there is a routine lag of about a year between the release of a big–name title on Windows and its port to Mac OS.

That’s not to say anything derisive of Mac OS’ ability to handle games, or even the hardware; it’s just apathy. Who can blame a studio for caring naught when it comes to spending such a great deal of resources on supporting a minority OS? That lack of (timely) delivery on the game front, and the fact that Apple hardware is always premium–priced, keeps Apple in the proverbial hard core’s proverbial bad books… but it’s little things like iTunes may just sway that popular opinion. The fact that I haven’t touched my PS2 since finishing Vice City, nor played any games on PC or Mac since Warcraft 3, is testament to the fact that I’m not really a gamer — and while I’m certainly not predicting that any serious gamer will go out and buy a Mac because iTunes r0X0Rs their S0x0rZ (or whatever they’re saying these days) it’s worth noting that seachange. Favorable popular opinion does any brand a world of good.