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A thought

I’m not sure if anybody else thought of this, since my Google finger is a little lazy tonight, but isn’t there likely a better reason for Microsoft’s acquisition of Virtual PC? Last I checked, everyone was bleating (or clucking, perhaps) about the sky’s impending descent upon our heads. Conspiracy theories abound, and concerned Mac users believe that Microsoft has acquired Virtual PC from our old pals at Connectix so they can simply discontinue it.

As I said, isn’t there a less paranoid possibility? Like… they plan to include the technology as part of a legacy emulation layer in Longhorn? It seems likely; they’d be stupid not to include some kind of ‘Classic’ environment, their fledgling OS would be completely useless without compatible software. We all know we can’t expect developers (developers! developers!) to jump on the new–tech bandwagon any more than we can expect consumers to, and as much as I’d like to disagree with myself, Microsoft aren’t idiots.