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As always

A massive design inspiration has struck me, as though the hand of God were directing my mouse.

It’s not often I’m struck with such inspiration, since I fancy myself more as a coder than a designer, (if there are any talented graphic designers out there willing to team up with an able–bodied standards–compliance fan for fun and profit, my contact details await you) but I’m incredibly happy with the mockup I’ve photoshopped tonight (I hear that’s a real word nowadays).

Yes, that means another new site layout… but this could just be the one that I stick with for more than a month. It’s understated, ultra–minimalist, and I think it’s beautiful. You, on the other hand, will just have to wait.

Just before I hit the sack though, I must point out that the new layout will likely be extremely IE–unfriendly. The way I’m picturing it, it looks to use semitransparent PNGs extensively (for which IE has no native support) and an abundance of fixed–in–relation–to–the–viewing–port background effects (which Internet Explorer has an awful lot of trouble with). While I believe I have a very sensible and very non–hacky method for dealing with the former, the latter poses an obvious problem. I guess we’ll see.