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Despite initial thoughts that I might have to move back into my parents’ house next year (so I can afford to study while saving my ass off for my 2005 world tour), my roommates and I have started househunting. The lease on our current place has expired, and though the landlord has begged us to stay we’ve decided to look elsewhere. The simple truth? Our place is just too nice.

We live in a nice place. Three bedrooms, two bathrooms (my en suite bathroom kicks all kinds of ass), a nice kitchen, nice decor throughout, no garden to worry about (nice courtyard though) and, well… for some reason we’ve come to believe that it sucks. This is a house that we’re paying way too much for, just for the privilege of living somewhere nice (hell, the pool table doesn’t even fit properly — the cues leave nasty marks on the walls). It’s like the high–maintenance woman of the real estate world… which is to say it’s a high maintenance house, and we’re not high maintenance guys.

That’s not to say we don’t like living in nice places — we enjoy living here a great deal — but I think we’ve decided that there are two primary criteria to be satisfied by any house we choose to live in.

  1. the pool table must fit comfortably
  2. the cost of living there must not be ridiculous

Those are fair demands, demands failed in our current place. Dave is about to become a first–year apprentice in a bakery, for christ’s sake… and let’s just say I’ve had kicks in the bean bag that were more satisfying than his paycheck. I’m planning to go back to full–time study soon, meaning I can’t work a great deal, but still plan to go cavorting around the globe in 18 months’ time. Garth? Well, Garth does fine. No doubt we’ll be inspecting and applying for all manner of house in the near future… I’ll keep you posted.