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For the last week or so I’ve been contemplating the multitude of options available to me on the digital camera front; size, resolution, price… it’s all a fine balancing act. Of course, overcontemplation leads to indecision, which leads to me completely snapping and making poor decisions. I bit the bullet and decided to fuck quality right off, thinking “all my photos are likely bound for the web, why do I need anything greater than 640 by 480?”

Fuji SlimShot With that in mind I waltzed down to the local Harvey Norman and bought a Fuji Slimshot; it’s incredibly small, only $130 and takes photos at 640 x 480; what could go wrong? Getting it home and out of its box revealed, well… everything. The size is fantastic, don’t get me wrong, it’s apparently the world’s thinnest camera (at 6mm) and it’s only the size of a credit card; unfortunately it has no flash, which leads to terrible picture quality in poor lighting conditions (read: indoors, or anything but a cloudless day). Also quite unfortunate is the fact that it just don’t work with OS X. No iPhoto integration, doesn’t even mount the volume when you plug it in, no drivers available. Dizzamn.

Sony CyberShot Taking it back to Harvey Norman and bitching my ass off really had little effect, but they let me return it without too many questions and trade it up… up a lot. In the end I went with the Sony CyberShot, which is fucking awesome. 2 megapixel res (1632 by 1224 pixels), it has a flash, works perfectly on my Mac, and looks cute as a button to boot. It ain’t as tiny as the SlimShot, but it fits nicely in my pocket and I haven’t stopped carrying it since I bought it. I’m considering starting a photolog… stop me while you can.