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Text find

Not sure whether this is a new feature of Camino’s latest nightly build, or whether it’s an old feature of the browser that I’d just never noticed ‘til today: in–page text highlighting.

Not to be confused with the Command–F “Find in Page” function that is a standard part of almost any text–bearing application you care to name, this feature finds and highlights whatever text you type into the browser window without needing to invoke that often–tedious “Find in Page” box. Bring up any page (this one will do) and type… ”browser”. See how the first instance of the word ”browser” is highlighted green? Cool. It is, of course, still a little lackluster, since it would ideally highlight all instances of the entered string and you currently cannot tab through instances of the string, either.

To be perfectly honest though, it seems a little redundant. Shouldn’t this just be an addition to the standard Command–F function? That is, shouldn’t there be a checkbox option in the “Find in Page” box that says “Find all” that highlights all instances of the string?

Just my two cents. It’ll be interesting to see how it pans out.