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Job Hunting

Being, as I am, in the market for a new job; I scoured Saturday’s West Australian for suitable positions – turning up only one. The University of WA has an advertised vacancy in its publications unit, a position whose description intrigues me enough to apply.

The job appears to be built for me: proofreading and editing “official university publications”, designing and typesetting the publications themselves, facilitating the conversion of published documents to web–ready documents, database maintenance, and “using the internet”. Just the kind of job that a pedantic language–lover, typographer–cum–writer–cum–web designer and all–around internet guy™ could want. Looking through the application procedures and selection criteria, the whole process seems a little intimidating.

Never one to be swayed by intimidation; I’ll be spending the next few days tackling the selection criteria, at first glance only coming up empty handed with “experience in working in the higher education sector”. Damnit. This is one of those times, however, that writing for A List Apart and having done volunteer (design) work for the Anglican Arch–Diocese of Perth (a job thrown at me by Scotty Chan, now president of the UWA Ecoms Committee) has its impressive–sounding perks. The perks being that they sound impressive.