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Hot diggity damn

Firstly, I have to say that McDonald’s new Cajun burger is something to be tried. It’s good. I sometimes think that if I didn’t live so close to a Maccas I’d never eat vegetables, which is true, but completely unrelated. The burger is good. It has tomato in it, too.

Secondly, X–Men 2 is the best damned movie I’ve seen all year. I dare say it’ll be the best damn movie I’ll see for the rest of the year too, but that might put off the Matrix fans and Lord of the Rings fans out there. Sure, the Matrix will blow me away and Return of the King will too; but I’ve had a vested interest in all things X–titled going back to primary school. It’s like they took elements from the best stories of the last twenty–or–so years and crammed them all together in an X–Men extravaganza (Note: Saying X–travaganza would be too horribly contrived for me to even consider. Cliché, cliché, cliché).

There’s the whole mutant–registration/Operation: Zero Tolerance shit kinda wedged in there, throw in a little Phoenix Saga, a little of Wolverine’s discovery–trip through his checkered past and boom! One cool plot. Then you’ve got your obligatory cameos from much–loved characters like ShadowCat, Siryn, Colossus and Beast; a little Deathstrike, a little Artie (sans the pink skin, and sans his pal Leech) and it all wraps into a very nice package! Even the hardcore fans (those who complained about the first movie stepping too far from the comics) cannot deny that this is one cool movie. Yes it does step away from the comics, but how did you expect them to fit decades of back–plot into a movie and make it palatable to new viewers? Geez! There’s no pleasing you people.