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iTunes 4 comments

This update is a real mixed bag if you ask me, and you did, else you wouldn’t be here. While I appreciate all the new features and question some of the UI adjustments (I doubt that “flattening” the play button or tweaking the volume slider makes a damn bit of difference to anybody, Apple), I’m a little pissed about the text.

Yes, thank you for allowing me to choose small or large text in the UI, and I appreciate that there has been a lot of bitching lately regarding antialiasing small fonts; so here’s my two cents: aliased fonts look like ass, particularly in iTunes. It’s like the interface has been cheapened… with pixels. It’s still a thoroughly useable application, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not as attractive as it was back in iTunes 3. Hell, that shade of green on the icon is even making my stomach turn a little.