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It’s a difficult thing to figure some times; value that is. The most broad and far–reaching definition I can muster (and something my coworkers and cohorts can agree on) is that paying one cent per thousandth–unit of metric measure (milligram or milliliter) is pretty damn good value. You’ll never find a can of Coke for 38¢, but if you buy it buy the bottle you’re sure to find that the price is right. 200g of yoghurt for 98¢ is pretty sweet, and 2L of milk for just over $2.00 is pretty good too.

My duties at Woolworths, however, often permit me special access to super–high–wacky value items. A box–damaged 500g pizza for 50¢?!? Hell yes! 700g of Cadbury’s fine milk chocolate for $3.80? Put aside two. To some, this might seem like penny–pinching, Scrooge–McDuck–style, cheap–ass stinginess. To me; a poor, poor, poor–ass student (still technically a student, yes) I call it saving.

On an unrelated (slightly related) note, my credit card debt is about to hit a six–month low in a week or two. Making it the most credit (or least debt, depending on how you look at it) I’ve had since going out and buying that damned computer of mine. I plan to celebrate by buying a digital camera. More evidence that I have my mother’s spending habits buried deep within this manly exterior.