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Chris to Virgin: Go fuck yourself

As I previously reported, I bought four CDs today. I did what the record companies feel I should do. I didn’t pirate these records. I don’t plan to share these records. My only interest is in listening to music created by artists that I feel deserve my money, my respect, and my support. But no… Virgin Records has to try and fuck me, too.

I use a Mac. I use iTunes. Religiously. The fact that my eMac has a better amp and waaaaay better speakers than my stereo means that I use my Mac as my stereo. The contents of my CD collection resides on my hard drive, and I just fire up iTunes whenever I feel like listening to it. Virgin, your “Copy Controlled” disc has in no way impaired my ability to import these songs to my computer. The only thing it has done is ensure that my computer makes an occasional clicking sound when playing the CD (or the MP3s that the CD has spawned). Clicking. A tiny click that sounds like static every ten or fifteen seconds.

Suuure, that’s gonna stop the piracy. If somebody is downloading this music for free, don’t you think that this tiny static clicky sound is, in their eyes, a small price to pay? On the other hand, people who appreciate (and pay for) great music are generally music lovers, audiophiles. This clicking is annoying the shit out of me, one of the aforementioned audiophiles, and to be honest I don’t plan to ever buy another CD that has a copy protection scheme implemented. That is lost sales. Fuckers.

I paid for this god damned record, and all I ask in return is the ability to exercise my rights as the owner of this CD. No, I don’t own the music on the CD — it’s “licensed” to me. But as the licensee, shouldn’t I be able to listen to the music with some fucking audio fidelity? No pirate in the world will be swayed by an occasional click, but I for one will not be giving Virgin Records another fucking cent. Sorry Massive Attack, but I won’t be buying any more of your albums. Nice knowing you.

Virgin, take the money you’re spending on “copy protection” schemes and “digital rights management” and invest it in something worthwhile. The pirates don’t care; you’re only fucking your loyal customers.

UPDATE: After posting this, I felt a little guilty and thought “I suppose I could just keep the CD in my car and listen to it there if not at my desk.” But no, Virgin was too crafty for that. The CD won’t play at all in my car either, since that CD player is also an MP3CD player. Fuckin’ yeah.