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More evidence that the world’s future is going to be one with a distinct lack of balls; I heard Eminem’s Superman, from The Eminem Show, last night on the radio and the degree of censorship in place is fucking ridiculous. Admittedly, this is a self-imposed censorship that Eminem and his producer, Dr. Dre, have decided is important for the success of the record (if releasing a “clean” version of the album means his shit gets airplay on Rick D’s show, or sold at Wal-Mart, so be it), but the lengths they’ve gone to are laughable.

Obviously, “fuck” get’s the usual “scratch it up” treatment, whereby the sound is distorted just enough to be indistinguishable, but when “bitch” gets swapped for “chick”, “bitches” gets switched with “women” and “slap” is replaced by “bump”, we’re living in a god-damn candyland.

With that in mind, it’s time again for everyone to be reintroduced to one of the world’s best (now defunct) webcomics, The Parking Lot is Full. Go. Now.