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As it turns out, I’m a dick.

You’d think that when I took down all those months ago that I’d make plans to ressurect it sometime soon… and maybe even start working on a new design! But nay, four months goes by in the blink of an eye, and suddenly I’m living in a new house with a new roommate, resuming my studies at Curtin for another year (after that semi-productive year at college) and tapping away on my new Macintosh. I’m still working at Woolworths… but I suppose some things never change.

Lately I’ve been making the move toward a career in programming. Truth be told, web design started to lose its lead in the career–stakes sometime late last year; and though I enjoy developing sites immensely, the process of designing a site from scratch is a tedious one that I’d rather not repeat daily. As for programming, (more specifically: Cocoa programming for Mac OS X) it’s a shame that I didn’t spend my childhood toying with C or BASIC or somesuch, because then I’d have a great headstart on where I am now. Unfortunately, the bones just didn’t fall that way for me (Damn those energetic youthful summers spent riding my bike and building forts. Damn them!) and now I have to play “Let’s learn C as some kind of wacky bridging course into Objective-C!”

In the meantime though I’ll be working on this site… a design-in-progress, starting today at this most base, unattractive level of default Movable Type templatery. Check back daily for more posts and further design evolutions.